Alena is a yoga and meditation instructor dedicated to connecting her students to their most authentic selves. Utilizing asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and scientific research,  Alena guides her students towards finding balance and wellbeing. 

Alena finds great joy in cultivating her students' practice towards finding their inner teacher through yoga, digging deeper and discovering the personal meaning behind the every-day yoga practice.  Her gentle, but invigorating classes focus on bringing students’ attention to the alignment within the postures while encouraging them to find their own challenge in creating positive physical, mental and emotional shifts.

Alena specializes in teaching one-on-one and small group classes tailored to the participant's interests and goals. 



Life in Bay Area can be hectic. Making it to a yoga class at a studio sometimes only adds stress to your life. Finding a perfect class for your needs is even harder! 

We bring yoga to you! Private yoga classes take place at your home and at your preferred time. With individualized yoga program based on your interests and needs and a teacher whose full attention is directed at you, private yoga classes are a perfect solution for busy professionals and those managing the household full-time. 


Stressed employees are unhappy and unproductive. Invest in wellness as a part of your employee engagement efforts. Experience a special approach to teaching mindfulness and yoga practices designed specifically for Silicon Valley professionals. This system is geared towards stress-reduction, promoting higher-levels of energy and concentration, and making wellbeing more accessible.


Explore the upcoming events and online programs that will help you seamlessly integrate peace and alignment into your life. 




 “Being in Alena's yoga classes is an enlightening experience, every time. She deeply considers alignment, a holistic understanding of the body, and a true mind-body approach to her practice and teachings. She's able to provide incredibly thoughtful feedback and guidance for each student - balancing physical and mental challenge alongside expansion and care” 

 - Ashley B.

“Alena is a true professional with a unique approach to teaching yoga. She is a great inspiration for everyone who wants to learn how to practice!”

 - Eugenia K.

“Alena is an incredibly gifted yoga instructor. I have been practicing under her through our corporate program for over a year and love every class. She listens to her students needs, and is particularly in tune with how corporate yoga class should work. She challenges us, is fun, and really makes us all feel better. We look forward to her class every single week. Highly recommend!

 - Jessica A..


San Francisco, CA, USA

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