Flowing into my true self 

Alena’s personal journey started in 2012 when she walked into her first yoga class in search of a practice that would help her increase her physical health. But along the way of strengthening her body, she found a lot more. Her yoga practice showed her a way to understand herself and the world around her not only through the lens of intellect, but also through body sensations and trusting her intuition. Alena believes that the lessons she received on her mat allowed her to become more present and whole.

To share the gift of yoga with others, Alena completed 200-hour teacher training in 2016 and have been teaching ever since. Currently, she is continuing her yoga education at Yoga Tree, where she is pursuing her 500-hour certification with a concentration on overall wellbeing. Alena is drawing her inspiration from her mentors at Yoga To The People and Yoga Tree, her knowledge of psychology from her studies at UC Berkeley, traditional texts, her own practice, examination of human anatomy, and training in healing. 


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training  -  Yoga To The People, San Francisco and Berkeley  - 2016

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training  - Yoga Tree, San Francisco - 2019, including: 

                   150-hour Yoga Therapeutics Training with Harvey Deutch 

                   5o-hour Mentorship with Darren Main

                   50-hour Training with Stacey Rosenberg 

Yoga Nidra with Ashley Sharp


Hatha and Vinyasa Styles 

Yoga Nidra 

Functional Movement 

Stress Reduction 

Building Healthy Movement and Behavior Patterns 

San Francisco, CA, USA

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